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Immersys Closed Beta

Immersys Beta Access

The Immersys closed-beta requires a Player Beta Access Card to enter. Anyone can download the game, but only those with the NFT can enter!  Immersys does not sell Beta Access Cards. They are acquired only through airdrops to current holders of beta access cards or purchasing from AtomicHub's secondary market.


Q2 - 2021 Closed Beta Phase #1
The Arrival

The Immersys Hub welcomes it's first players. The arrival will serve as phase #1 of the Immersys Beta. Players looking to be the first to experience the Immersys metaverse will require an Immersys Beta Key. This fully playable Beta will allow users to socialize via voice chat, showcase NFTs, & get a feel for the Immersys Virtual Tablet. This tool will feature the EleBlob Arena app allowing for EleBlob Collectors to challenge & battle each other.

Q3 - 2021 Closed Beta Phase #2
The Gathering

Gathering is an activity in Immersys which allows players to earn Non-Fungible Tokens. The NFT received will depend on the gathering activity that a player participates in. Once Gathering has been fully released it will be paired with a Crafting & Blueprint system which will allow players to build new NFTs using a recipe/blend. These crafted NFTs will provide utility within the Immersys Metaverse. Blueprints will be obtained through participating in Gathering activites.

Q4 - 2021 Closed Beta Phase #3
The Economy

The Immersys Economy. In a world full of digital collectibles there needs to be a marketplace. Phase #2 of the Immersys Beta will showcase our first District, the Market District. Here artists, creators, & brands will be able to showcase & sell their NFTs from directly inside of the Immersys Showcase Shops. These shop layouts are blueprints for player-owned shops which will eventually be released. Now with a market you need a currency. The native currency of the Immersys metaverse is the HoloCoin, a token built on the WAX Blockchain. $HOLX will allow users to purchase apps from AppSys Store on the virtual tablet, purchase NFTs, & so much more!

Q1 - 2022 Open Beta Phase #4
The Settlement
  • Player-owned Land Enters Immersys
  • Land Sale
  • Players will be able develop their land
2022 ????
The Future

The future of Immersys.

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