Interface for experiencing Web3D


Immersys is an immersive & incentivized experience where individuals play-to-earn while discovering the technology of the decentralized web3. Through our core values of community, collaboration, and innovation, Immersys aims to be the most valuable metaverse on the blockchain.

Earn FATE Token

Individuals are incentivized through FATE Token rewards earned via gameplay.

Immutable Progress

Progress is minted directly to your wallet as immutable data allowing for verifiable proof.

Brand Discovery

Be found in through powerful advertising and marketing tools in a virtual world.

Virtual Properties

Own and manage tokenized real estate. Customizable for one-of-a-kind 3D experiences.

Companion App

Manage your blockchain Immersys inventory assets, earn rewards, and view our leaderboards

Player Created Economy

Individuals create and unlock the utility of this world built on the blockchain.

Decentralized Wallet

Everything earned throughout your experience is owned by the user in a WAX crypto wallet.

Incentivized Participation

Individuals who are actively immersed in the Metaverse earn rewards.

Personal vTablet

Powerful suite of vApps that allow users to interact with the world and web3.

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