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The Immersys Crafting System works via Proof of Ownership blends. A blend burns NFTs to create another NFT. Players must find Item Blueprints which are non-transferrable NFTs. These verifiable assets allow only the person who owns it to craft the item. Meaning you could be the only player in the world who can create the NFT item.

Own a Shop in the Metaverse

Player Cards

The Immersys closed beta requires a Player Beta Access Card NFT to Play! 

Immersys does not sell Beta Access Cards. They are acquired only through airdrops to current holders of beta access cards or purchasing from AtomicHub's secondary market.
Q1 - 2022 Closed Beta + Free Weekends
Virtual Properties

Immersys Properties will provide players access to both Residential and Retail locations. Each Property has a permanent location in Immersys. Retail properties offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Residential properties offer players a social space to decorate with NFTs.

Q1 - 2022 Open Beta
FATE Token

The Immersys FATE token has been Airdropped. Time to allow players to earn FATE in-game. We will be releasing our Play to Earn FATE contract. FATE will be usable to purchase Immersys Services, craft NFTs, and bid on Digital Properties.

Q1 - 2022 Open Beta
Avatar Upgrades

Player avatar update. We will changing from our current above the belt characters to full-body. This update will allow for full and permanent support for all equipment and animations. 

Q2 - 2022 Open Beta
Combat Upgrades

Combat between inhabitants of the world of Immersys and between players will be upgraded. 

Q2 - 2022 Open Beta

Permanent Questlines with NFT rewards and lore of Immersys.

Blog & Media

Game Update – v0.2.29

Game Update – v0.7.29 Tinctures & Tooltips NEW Collections Added The Horrors Terrifying collection of Horrors NFTs created for the wax blockchain. View on AtomicHub ICECLEAR Alcohol Alcohol required to

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Game Update – v0.2.27

Game Update – v0.7.27 Bugnet and Insect Gathering NEW Collections Added maxylabchain Join us and take part of an amazing investment group project based on MaxCoins! View on AtomicHub New

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Looking forward

Metaverse Beginnings. We achieved our MVP on September 25th, 2021. It has been a 5-month journey getting there, but we got there! We were able to show off our Play-To-Earn

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Game Update – v0.7.20

Game Update – v0.7.20 HD Graphics NEW Collections Added OrderOfOther oRdeR of OtheR is an intergalactic, interdimensional organization that oversees the functions and actions of the oRdeRs… They have been

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Game Update – v0.7.12

Game Update – v0.7.12 New Items & Avatar Loadout Upgrades Changelog v0.7.12 • Avatar vApp Upgrade We’ve changed the Avatar vApp to better reflect equipment equipping. Each equip-able position has

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Game Update: v0.7.9

Game Update – v0.7.9 Digging up Holes Changelog v0.7.9 • Artifact Gathering is now Available!You’ll need a rusty shovel available in game to start digging! Visit the nearest drop shop.

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