Game Download & Wallet Setup

Getting started in Immersys requires a Beta Pass, Game Download, and a WAX Crypto Wallet.

Virtual Tablet & vApps

The Immersys Virtual Interface is the core tool players will use within the multiverse. It enables players to interact in the virtual world while functioning like a smart device does in the real world. This Virtual Interface will have the capability of storing an unlimited amount of vApps. vApps stands for virtual applications. vApps can be created by Immersys or ported to the Immersys Virtual Interface by other developers. The Immersys vApp Store is the app store platform, developed and maintained by the Immersys Team. Players can browse and install a variety of free vApps and NFT-required vApps. vApps which require an NFT in order to access will be purchasable within the Immersys vApp Store and once the NFT is in a Player’s WAX Wallet, it will allow them access to its features. vApps can range from interactive tools and utility use cases to games and entertainment experiences.

Play-To-Earn & Equipment

Gathering is an activity in Immersys which allows players to use different tools such as Pickaxes, Fishing Rods, Axes, and more to collect Resources. These Resource are Non-Fungible Tokens which are minted directly to your Wallet/Inventory. The type of Resource NFT you receive will depend on the gathering activity that a player participates in.
Equipment and wearables for your Immersys Avatar is equip-able opening your Avatar vApp (hotkey: o) and selecting the equipment slot. You can then equip different equipment and wearables.

Blueprints & Crafting

The Crafting & Blueprint system is how you upgrade equipment within the metaverse. Blueprints are awarded from most activities in the Metaverse. Players can win them from games, find them gathering resources, acquire them from quests, loot from combat encounters, and purchase some! The Blueprints will allow players to build new NFTs using the Blueprint as Proof of Ownership blends. These crafted NFTs will provide utility within the Immersys Metaverse.