Immersys Metaverse - Statement

Company Buy-out

Over the past 11 months, Immersys went from being an idea with floating torsos in a hub to a massively multiplayer open world with NFTs, gathering, crafting, combat, full body avatars, properties, and an amazing community. We tried things out that no one has ever done, we challenged the meaning of play-to-earn. I think our community knows how great Immersys is and has the potential to be. We empower creators by giving them an amazing world to have their NFTs exist and have added utility. When people think of the term Metaverse on WAX, they think Immersys. 

Over the past two weeks, some very difficult decisions were made among ownership. While we were able to achieve so much in such a short amount of time, we didn’t do it in a sustainable way. The content being released, in my opinion, was never focused on the correct audience. While I believe a creator economy plays a massive role in the Metaverse, it was never going to achieve the results my co-founders were hoping for to both pay for further development and keep players interested. There was a difference in vision of who the community was and what they actually wanted. I think Immersys lost sight of this, with the single-minded focus on creators rather than the players. Creators want a place to be discovered, but players don’t want to be constantly marketed too with no incentive..  

It was this core difference in vision that created an extremely difficult working environment. Ultimately, at the end of the day, a business needs money to operate and you can’t have people work on a hope that they’ll get paid. On 4/30, I made the decision to let go of all the amazing people who have helped get Immersys to where we were. My thought was we’d be able to continue like we did the first 5 months with just the three owners. They did not see a vision further with both the lack of funds and constant headbutting on where we should be focused. I was essentially given an ultimatum to either dissolve the company and end Immersys or buy them out. 

I bought them out. I believe in Immersys with my entire being that it is the best metaverse on the blockchain. This is a major financial risk for myself, so while I’m nervous, I’m extremely excited for the future of Immersys. My goal remains the same as always – make Immersys succeed.  

I haven’t gotten here alone, I’ve relied on so many amazing people. My plan is to form a new team that is united behind a common goal and vision. That common goal will be to increase the value of FATE. I believe FATE has the potential to be the life and blood of the entire ecosystem. It can help incentivize players, it can be used to help creators be discovered, reward contributions that improve our world, and it’s done so in the past. Outside FATE being incorporated into the ecosystem, my plans are to address the hack that occurred in December. I will make sure that we expand the tiers of resources you can gather, make sure that there are more crafts, and hopefully make our play-to-earn feel worth it again. 

Next, I’m much more player focused. The community’s support and passion for Immersys is one of the greatest things about this project. I want to make sure the player is having fun and being rewarded through their experience in Immersys. My plans include focusing on creating use cases for FATE, adding utility to existing content, empowering communities who support Immersys, expanding the depth of the content that exists, and taking a much more data-driven approach to development. 

I’ve always been one of the biggest champions of Immersys and am grateful for the support the community has shown me. Now is the best time to reach out to me if you believe you can provide any immediate value to Immersys. I think Immersys is just getting started and I am so excited for what this next phase will bring.

Be Immersed.

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