The WAX NFT Multiverse

**Last Updated – 8/27/2021

**This document describes a project in development and is being updated regularly


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The Story

Earth has been destroyed. Luckily, parts of humanity escaped the doomed planet. Those who managed to escape had their consciousness transferred into a simulation and stored in a digital archive. Their bodies were liquified, and the DNA-material stored in escape pods. These pods launched and attached to an orbiting spaceship fleet with a targeted destination, PSR 1257+12, a Pulsar. It took several hundred years to get there. During their long travel, work had begun on creating a dyson sphere by sending solar sail rockets ahead of the main fleet. These rockets arranged their sails to engulf the power of the Pulsar while rovers and robots began creating the first city of the new world. Welcome to Aurora City. is a multiplayer 3D multiverse which allows players to fully immerse themselves into a virtual world built on the WAX Blockchain. Immersys is playable both on Windows PC and in Virtual Reality (Disabled Currently). In Immersys, players are provided a world where digital ownership of Non-Fungible Tokens is rewarded through in-game utility. This utility can range from NFTs acting as verifiable account logins, ticketing, and admission to exclusive areas and content, wearable cosmetic items, applications on the Immersys Virtual Interface, and so much more. Immersys aims to bring value to all collectors, creators, and the entire WAX ecosystem. This means collectible NFTs like art, music, and videos can be showcased and interactive.

At the heart of the Immersys multiverse is our Immersys Virtual Interface. This Immersys Virtual Interface comes packed with a full suite of stock virtual applications. Immersys has its own app store called Apps, which contains free & paid vApps which require ownership of a NFT to use. These vApps enable players to interact with the Immersys world, other players, NFTs, and Fungible Tokens(FT). The combination of NFT items that are on the WAX blockchain, our FATE token, and the utility given to them via the Immersys virtual world is our approach to creating the new digital world. A digital world where players play, earn, and own.

We want Immersys to be a massively multiplayer online game! We also don’t want to be just one genre of game either. Our “play-to-earn” aspects, will occur through players participating in various activities within the Immersys multiverse. The world we’re making is going to be BIG

Blockchain Based

Immersys is being built for the creators, collectors, and community of the WAX Blockchain. Immersys found a home in the WAX ecosystem for many reasons. WAX is leading among all blockchains in users and in transactions. It offers a two-click WAX Cloud Wallet setup, allowing for easier onboarding of new Immersys players. WAX accounts can also be created via Anchor Wallet. Anchor enables players to sign transactions within the virtual world easily.

The WAX Blockchain is 125,000x more energy-efficient then it’s nearest competitor through its “Proof of Stake” system.

NFTs created on the WAX Blockchain are stored on the InterPlanetary File System, a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. Meaning that digital assets created on WAX and stored on the IPFS are truly owned, verifiable, and secure.

We are also seeing large brand names developing for the WAX ecosystem, meaning that we are in the right place for creating strong strategic partnerships, which will allow Immersys’ entry into many industries. Along with our NFTs, our in-game utility Fungible-Token FATE will be built on the WAX Blockchain, which can be easily added to any Wax Cloud Wallet.

Multiverse Elements


Immersys is a vast multiplayer metaverse built for WAX. WAX is a massive Blockchain with over 6 million wallets. We are building Immersys to handle this audience. We’re running Photon Enterprise services guaranteeing us scalability, reliability, and consistent connection. Photon provides hosting in all the major regions in the world allowing for low latency. This is perfect to support our global WAX community and allow every player a smooth and immersive experience.

Immersys Virtual World

Immersys is the name of our virtual world. Immersys refers to all digital assets and systems designed, created, and developed by the Immersys Team as well as imported digital assets that have been created by the WAX community. Assets created by individuals and entities outside of the Immersys team have authorized the Immersys Team to import their IP and digital assets they have created into the Immersys virtual world. Inside of Immersys is the Central Plaza of Aurora City, which functions as the main hub. Aurora City is the first Immersys-owned city. It offers players a spawn point where players can venture out from and into surrounding Immersys-owned districts and eventually player-owned locations.

The Immersys-owned areas will host examples of buildings, activities, and experiences that are blueprints. These blueprints will be NFTs that players will eventually be able to own and offer themselves on their land. The Immersys-owned areas will have high fees, but are easily accessible since they are surrounding the central plaza. The goal is to allow new players an easy way to explore and try out different activities prior to them exploring outward to other players’ land or establishing their own land and building atop it. It doesn’t stop at blueprints. Players will also be able to create environments, buildings, and other blueprints that they themselves can use or sell to others, creating a massive multiverse of limitless experiences and metaverses.

Virtual Interface

Core Functions

  • App Store
  • Virtual Apps (vApps)
  • Purchasable NFT vApps
  • Customizable Homescreen
  • Web Browser
  • Text Messenger

The Immersys Virtual Interface is the core tool players will use within the multiverse. It enables players to interact in the virtual world while functioning like a smart device does in the real world. This Virtual Interface will have the capability of storing an unlimited amount of vApps. vApps stands for virtual applications. vApps can be created by Immersys or ported to the Immersys Virtual Interface by other developers. The Immersys vApp Store is the app store platform, developed and maintained by the Immersys Team. Players can browse and install a variety of free vApps and NFT-required vApps. vApps which require an NFT in order to access will be purchasable within the Immersys vApp Store and once the NFT is in a Player’s WAX Wallet, it will allow them access to its features. vApps can range from interactive tools and utility use cases to games and entertainment experiences. The Virtual Interface in the Immersys VR experience is paired with the Immersys smart watch, which is used to call the interface.

Player Avatar (Re-work Coming)

The Immersys Avatar re-work will allow players within our virtual world to customize their in-game character with much more detail. It will allow players to express themselves how ever they would like within our Immersys multiverse.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-Fungible Tokens within the multiverse are built on the WAX Blockchain and IPFS. NFTs within Immersys can be earned in a variety of ways; Gathering, Crafting, Combat, Questing, Purchasing, Awards, and Creator/Player Made.

Rarities / Color / Total Supply

CommonWhite10,000 – 99,999
UncommonGreen1,000 – 9,999
RareBlue251 – 999
EpicPurple50 – 250
LegendaryOrange11 – 49
MythicalRed1 – 10


Immersys uses your WAX Wallet as your inventory in-game. We’ve teamed up with SixPM Software who is one of WAX’s largest contributor of tools for the WAX Blockchain. Our strategic partnership allows us to mint NFTs to players Wallets directly from Immersys gameplay. This is the first aspect of Play-to-Earn NFTs.

NFT Activities

Immersys aims to be loaded with different fun activities to participate in. We ultimately want to be a play-to-earn multiverse of play-to-earn games. The power of having developed our own game engine from the ground up is we can create a lot of different activities very quickly. Now with the power of the WAX Blockchain and SixPm Software we can reward you with NFTs for playing.

Gathering is an activity in Immersys which allows players to use different tools such as Pickaxes, Fishing Rods, Axes, and more to collect Resources. These Resource are Non-Fungible Tokens which are minted directly to your Wallet/Inventory. The type of Resource NFT you receive will depend on the gathering activity that a player participates in. Once Gathering has been fully released it will be paired with a Crafting & Blueprint system.
The Crafting & Blueprint system is how you upgrade equipment within the metaverse. Bluesprints are awarded from most activities within the multiverse. Players can win them from games, find them gathering, acquire from quests, loot from combat encounters, and purchase some! The Blueprints will allow players to build new NFTs using the Blueprint as Proof of Ownership requirement for the super blending contract create by These crafted NFTs will provide utility within the Immersys Multiverse.
Immersys provides both Player versus Player and Player versus Environment combat encounters. This provides a use case for the equipment being crafted. Battling each other in different styles of PvP will earn you glory and rare blueprints. You will be able to fighting mobs and boss monsters in Immersys will reward you with amazing NFTs.

Player-Created NFTs

Immersys was designed to enable players to import assets from their collection into a 3D space. Immersys has already brought in over 45 NFT collections from the WAX ecosystem. Immersys builds value for all collections within the space by providing exposure and utility. Assets that can be imported are .gifs, .png, 3D Objects like .fbx. & textures, .mp3s, and mp4s.

Creator Applications:

Immersys Services

We believe this is where Immersys stands apart. We’re a game first, but we are also a service. The Immersys team offers a variety of services from NFT asset imports, virtual stores, and advertising. We believe this is our way of rewarding growth within the project. In our tokenomics we’ve laid out a vision where revenue earned through services provided by our team goes straight back into the economy for players and participants in the ecosystem to earn! We believe this additional leg to our multiverse will allow us to keep new players coming in without feeling as though they missed out while awards participation of everyone. It’s Immersys’ version of UBI.

Immersys Marketplace

Immersys offers a highly customizable, first of its kind, virtual marketplace to purchase NFTs, digital goods, physical goods, and subscription-based offerings in its 3D virtual world. Stores will be available to be reserved to rent and design. If you are interested in having a store within our multiverse keep an eye out for registrations happening soon.

Immersys Advertisements

Brands within the Immersys multiverse have the opportunity to rent ad space within our 3D world. These advertisements function as an equivalent to a link-tree. Advertisers are able to set up video and banner ads. These ads allow for high exposure to members of the WAX ecosystem, allowing for brand recognition.

Immersys FATE (FATE)

Immersys Token

Formerly called HoloCoin (HOLX), FATE  (FATE) is the native utility token used within the Immersys multiverse. The game token is unbacked and value is determined by the value of applications and use cases within the Immersys ecosystem. It exists on the WAX blockchain. We have made the decision to rename the token due to an existing token with a similar name. Immersys FATE will be rewarded for all promised disbursements.

Token Information

Max Supply:18,000,000,000 FATE
Circulating Supply:0 FATE
Initial Supply:~200,000,000 FATE
Decimal Places:8
Token Type:WAX

Proposed Token Allocation

*EleBlob Generation 2 – Fusion Series will now also receive 72,000,000 FATE.
*There is also plans for one addition NFT sale with FATE rewards.

Team Token Vesting

The Immersys Team’s $FATE will be vested over 48 months and unlock over 6-month intervals ensuring the vision for Immersys is completed.


We have created a very early version of the Immersys FATE tokenomics. We’re extremely excited about the future. The methods players will earn FATE will range from burning Resources for Local Pool Rewards to buying and selling NFTs using the FATE token.