Game Download

Immersys Launcher Version: 0.1.8

Windows / Desktop VR Download

Recommended Specs & Known Issues

Recommended Specs:

Operating System: Windows 8 or newer

Installed RAM: 8GB ram

Graphics: 975 GPU or better

Processor: 5th gen, 4-cores +

Known Issues:

The Immersys Launcher is downloading past 100% and looks like it is freezing on ‘sharedasset’ files. The download is still working during those issues. We’re currently working on improving the download experience by moving it to a better server.

If you are having issues after downloading the game a long time ago, please uninstall and delete the game folder in /appdata 

Fequently Asked Questions

Immersys is currently in closed beta. This means in order to access the game you will need an Immersys Player Beta Access Card. These Access Card in an NFT on the WAX Blockchain requiring a WAX Cloud Wallet.

The only way to get a Beta Card is by purchasing it through the secondary market. View AtomicHub Seconday:

We airdrop Beta Cards to current holders roughly every ~2 weeks, but this is not set in stone. We may extent the airdrop time if we feel like the price is dropping too low.

The original Player Beta Access Cards with the cardid: 1 are for the “first settlers.” These cards have an additional perk of receiving 20,000 $FATE which is the in-game token we are releasing.

Currently Immersys is available for Windows PC and Desktop VR. This means Oculus Quest & Quest 2 via the link cable or air link and other desktop VR headsets. You can download the Immersys Launcher here: Recommended specs: win8, 8GB ram, 975 GPU or better, 5th gen, 4-cores +

So for the Window Defender SmartScreen that is a normal message for any new application , since the application must develop a reputation by receiving a significant number (3,000+ , I believe I’ve read in the past) of accepted downloads before that message can be bypassed even with a certificate. There is one option which is an EV (Extended Validation) certificate that will immediately establish reputation due to the more stringent developer validation that these certificates require, as well as their higher cost for that process of course. So it simply serves as a warning to users that the application reputation has not be established, but with more approved downloads it will go away.

We’re currently working on the Mac version of Immersys. There are some restrictions Mac iOS has that is making the process take longer to port. We need to be able to verify your WAX wallet and the WAX Cloud Wallet popup requires additional support on Mac devices. UPDATE: Mac offers Boot Camp Assistant which allows you to install Windows 10. Follow this guide:

Lots! Socialize with the NFT community, showcase NFTs, host NFT giveaways, Visit Exclusive Areas, Complete NFT Quests, and Gather NFTs through Activities

We also have some of the basic controls in the Immersys Virtual Tablet in settings.