FATE Token

Max Supply: 18,000,000,000 FATE
Circulating Supply: 182,900,001 FATE (9/28/2021)
Decimal Places: 8
Token Type: WAX
Contract: f.immersys

Available on:

Liquidity Pool Rewards

Earn rewards by providing Liquidity! We’ve partnered with CAIT Token DeFi to provide rewards to our community. We’ve created two different pools that offer rewards.

You must register with our partner CAIT Token to receive LP rewards.

50,000 FATE Daily Rewards

50,000 FATE Daily Rewards

FATE Token - WCW Setup

Login to your WCW: https://wallet.wax.io/

Under Tokens Select: “Manage”

Enter the Following Information:

Token Symbol: FATE
Decimal Places: 8
Token Contract: f.immersys
Token Name: FATE
Token Image: QmNxiNpqcLjePmVS8tURdtD95ysVsujWwWFiiZzckmjagc

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