PvP Event – Boxing

Immersys Arena

Didn't know we added Player vs Player and Player vs Environment in the last update? Well, now you do. We only have fists to throw right now, so meet us in the new Arena for a Boxing Event!

Boxing Event

Championship Ring

 Boxing Event v2 & Drop Party Today! Event: Boxing Where: Immersys / Champions Ring Portal Time: 22:00 UTC - 23:00 UTC Date: Wednesday | 8/25/21 Prizes: Lots of NFTS Enjoy your day! We'll see you tonight in the Metaverse. P.S. Make sure to update your game to v0.6.98 before work/life.

Magnta’s Mask Sale & Drop Party

Join us in Immersys to Celebrate the release on Magnta's Mask Set. This is a wearable collection inside the Immersys Metaverse with 20 to collect!

Immersys Free Weekend

Immersys.io Free Weekend On September 25th, 2021 we will opening the doors to our Immersive NFT Multiverse. We will be allowing anyone and everyone to join the Immersys Virtual World for two days only. We **believe in WAX and want to bring people into our space. We have re-designed our game startup menu to allow […]

Immersys FATE Token Airdrop

The Airdrop of 146,000,000 FATE Tokens is happening on September 28th. The Snapshot for EleBlobs will occur on September 27th!

Immersys FATE Token Disbursement

Disbursement Day Max Supply: 18,000,000,000 FATE Circulating Supply: 1 FATE Blockchain: WAX It's coming!! We are committing to an official disbursement date of 9/28/21! We've recently revealed our new Whitepaper and Tokenomics. We're so excited to start issuing FATE to our community of players who having been holding EleBlob Genesis and Fusion Series as well […]