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Add Utility

In Immersys we have the ability to additional funtionally to all NFTs. This utility come in many different forms; access, wearables, spawnable, and following.

Gain Exposure

Collections who have their NFTs imported into the Immersys metaverse will have the benefit of name recognition through exposure in a massively multiplayer virtual world.

Provide Ownership

Ownership is formed by making sure assets are verifiable and unique. Immersys allows for NFT holders to "feel" digital ownership by making NFTs more than an image in a wallet.

Make NFTs Items

Your NFTs will become in-game items within the Immersys metaverse, meaning players can spawn and interact with their assets on desktop and in virtual reality.


File Types: .mp3 & .mp4

Music artists and video producers can have their media imported into the Immersys. Players that have own the asset can spawn these incredible pieces.

3D Models

File Type: .fbx 

3D artists can have their collectors see their digital art and view them the way the creator originally intended them to be viewed in Immersys.

~20,000 poly count (basemap/albedo, metallic/smoothness, normal, emissive)


File Types: .png, and .jpeg

We can make static images come to life. Images will be viewable in high detail. Viewable from all angles in the 3D world. We convert all .gifs to .mp4.