Metaverse Beginnings.

We achieved our MVP on September 25th, 2021. It has been a 5-month journey getting there, but we got there! We were able to show off our Play-To-Earn NFTs, Player-owned Marketplace, NFT explorer, Dynamic ad system, Virtual Interface, Multiple Event Areas, 50+ NFT Creators Added and so much more. It painted a picture of what the Metaverse can do. A virtual world focused on user ownership, experience, discovery, and decentralization. What this update did was cause our player base to explode. We when from no one playing, to have 20+ players online at all times, almost instantly, and our community has continued to grow. We are so grateful for the feedback, suggestions, and support you all have provided. Now we want to tell you where we are going and what had to happen before we continued.

Foundation Building

We’ve gone back through everything we’ve created and addressed two main concerns; Memory-management and graphics rendering. Not the most interesting topics, but these were always planned to come. We chose not to proceed any further without completing these two upgrades since it would only get harder from here. Thankfully, as of today we have completed them. Think of this as the support or the foundation for us to rocket into content and features. We spent multiple weeks hard at work upgrading the app’s core architecture and building a flexible graphics rendering pipeline. The two combined offer us scalability, stability, and sets up for years to come! This didn’t come without inconvenience. There is no lack of vision here when it comes to the Metaverse. I’d like to go over what we will be focused on in the immediate future.

On the Horizon!

FATE Token Sale!

The token of the Metaverse is coming! We will be offering an opportunity to current players to obtain FATE before the introduction our play-to-earn FATE mechanics. We will providing additional utility for the FATE as well as introducing a token based pricing model for the majority of our in-game items and services.

FATE Pack Sale | TBD

FATE Token - Play-To-Earn

Currently, our players can earn WAX by selling NFTs on the secondary market. This has proven to work and we’ve seen increasing volume over the last few weeks. Our players have made over 400% returns on their initial tool purchases. The goal now is to incorporate our Immersys FATE Token into the play-to-earn model.

Map Expansions & NFT/Blueprint Locked Areas

We hear you and we’re working on additional maps and areas for you to explore. We don’t want to just duplicate the forest. We want to create and whole new area to explore and discover. We have been working on a new areas. It is coming soon!

We also want to introduce zones which are accessible only by those who own certain NFTs. This provides visual utility that only those who have the required items can take advantage of. This means mining spots reachable only for those holding an object with “light” and so much more. We want proof of ownership to be visual and experienced through this feeling of exclusivity.

New Resources & Blueprints

We need you to burn your NFTs. Trust us! There is massive incentive to create additional items and use case for the resources you are gathering. We know the grind is tough, but each and every NFT being gathered will have multiple use cases. There will be thousands if not millions of craft-able items in the Metaverse. They are coming! We have a list of new blueprints and plans for new resources to be released within the next 1-2 weeks.

Permanent Quests

We teased our questing system during our Halloween Event. It still needs good bit of polishing, but it is time we start telling the story of the Immersys Metaverse. Quests will be anything from gathering “x” amount of resources to narrative storylines where you interacted with an meet the NPCs of Aurora City. We will also have a Christmas Event quest!

Avatar Upgrades

Legs, it has been teased. It’s no joke. We want to have full-body player characters. We are currently working with VR optimized legless avatars. This is a Metaverse where we want our players to be able to design and customize their avatars. Along with avatar upgrades we want animations. Players will start swinging their picks, axes, and swords. 


We’re massively upgrading combat! A complete rework of the combat mechanics is being done. This means slaying mobs for loot and going through dungeons will be so much more enjoyable. You will also see the return of PvP.


The addition of other Gaming Activities like Racing, Battles, & First-Person Shooters. Admittedly, we have a core play-to-earn that is working. It has no where near the amount of depth we’d like it to have before we start dedicating time to other mini-games with play-to-earn mechanics. That said, it is in the plans. We are also focused on our creator partnerships. We will be working with them to create their own games in the Metaverse.