Game Update - v0.7.20
HD Graphics

NEW Collections Added


oRdeR of OtheR is an intergalactic, interdimensional organization that oversees the functions and actions of the oRdeRs... They have been doing the good work of the star for eons uncounted and have overseen the intergalactic relations for even longer.

Pen Arts by DBorjs

Images only seen when dreaming and collections of Battle Ready Warriors and Alamat All original pen drawings

Changelog v0.7.20

HD Graphics

Everything within the Metaverse has been updated to HD graphics. Added multiple granular Settings for Graphics and Post Processing. Graphics now available on main menu.

Upgraded Minting Server

Over the past few days we’ve been having issue with NFTs minting. We have upgraded the minting server and put in more checks. This will not prevent APIs going down.

Combat Removal

We have removed the both PvP and PvE combat while we begin working on it. Bears, Deer, and Wolves have been removed to prevent lag.

Added Social Links

Added social links to main menu and tablet.