Game Update - v0.7.12
New Items & Avatar Loadout Upgrades

Changelog v0.7.12

Avatar vApp Upgrade
We’ve changed the Avatar vApp to better reflect equipment equipping. Each equip-able position has a slot.

Avatar Offhand Slot
Players will now be able to equip certain items in their offhand

HP Bars Always Visible
We’ve changed it so hp bars show at all times and updated them to reflect correct health more accurately.

Ailment Status Bar
Players will now be able to see their current ailment states.

Fall Damage
Watch your step! Jumping off or falling from heights will now damage you.

Chests now replace Duplicate Blueprints
All duplicate blueprints will now be chests.

Fixes & Bugfixes
-Fixed SFX settings.
– Fixed 3D NFTs
– Fixed issue where opening tablet caused players to fall out of map
– Fixed Loot Spawn and RobotRC vApps not showing despite being owned
– Fixed Mint numbers being covered by other NFT details
– Fixed Burn Ailment not going away after combat
– Collection Log will now reflect 200+ if you own more than 200 of an item.

Upcoming Events

Halloween Event - 10/30-10/31

Free Weekend - 10/30 - 10/31