Game Update - v0.7.9
Digging up Holes

Changelog v0.7.9

Artifact Gathering is now Available!
You’ll need a rusty shovel available in game to start digging! Visit the nearest drop shop.

Rest Places Added
Players can now rest at a rest spot to recover health. 
Players will respawn after a death at rest spot.

Disconnect Error Messages Fixes
Error message caused by disconnections have been resized to fit the popup area.

Addition of more Iron Deposits
We’ve spread some more iron deposits around the metaverse.

Full Rework of core architecture of the app
So we changed a lot! We expect there to be some potential bugs, but this should fundamentally change for the better your gaming experience. We’re expecting a massive reduction in your RAM usage while running the game and improved game updates going forward.

Upcoming Events

Halloween Event - 10/30-10/31

Free Weekend - 10/30 - 10/31