Game Update - v0.7.5
Resource & Gathering Expansion

Upcoming Events

Halloween Event - 10/30-10/31

Free Weekend - 10/30 - 10/31

Changelog v0.7.5

Gathering & Crafting Expansion
We have added new resources to gathering spots in the forest. You can now gather up to tier 3 resources and unlock equipment up to tier 4 in some professions. Good luck being the first to achieve steel!

Player Movement Fixed
We have now fixed the running and walking speed of the player to prevent diagonal running being faster.

Collection Log vApp Renamed to NFT Wallet
We have updated the NFT Wallet vApp as a default application and it now shows how many NFTs you own in your WAX Wallet of Immersys items.

New NFTs
You are now able to gather 22 brand new NFTs! You’ll have to go inspect the new spots to find out what they contain!

Added Mirrors
You can now see what your avatar looks like by looking in a mirror located in various shops in the marketplace.

Fate Token
You will now be able to view your FATE Token balance in your NFT Explorer vApp

Bug Fixes
Fix fetching error with Loot Spawn and RobotRC applications.

Bronze fishing rod is no longer a bronze axe.

 Fixed all reported floating gathering points.

Combat ailments will now disappear after they have worn off