Gather Resources

Find Blueprints

Craft Equipment

Fight to Survive

Gathering Released

Earn WAX Non-fungible Tokens by playing Immersys!

Gathering is an activity in Immersys which allows players to earn Non-Fungible Tokens. The NFT received will depend on the gathering activity that a player participates in. The initial release of gathering will have mining, fishing, plant harvest, and woodcutting.

A new vApp has been added to the Immersys Virtual Interface called the Collection Log. Here players will be able to view the total amount of resources they have gathered. The Collection Log will also show off the resources you have newly discovered.

NFTs Mint Directly to your WAX Wallet

This is our favorite part of Immersys Gathering. You will be able to chop a tree, click on the log to pick it up, and the WAX NFT will be directly sent to your WAX Wallet. This means there is seamless NFT issuing via gameplay meaning no need to sign unnecessary contracts. We’re covering the cost to mint and transfer the NFT. 

Find Rare Blueprints & Craft Equipment

Crafting allows players to blend their resources to create something else. That something could be equipment, components, and really ultimately anything. The majority of crafts will require a Blueprint. These crafted NFTs will provide utility within the Immersys Metaverse. Blueprints will be obtained through participating in Gathering activities. At the start, the crafting will be a manual process of transferring assets to Immersys Staff to create items. You will be able to craft only if you own the recipe and blueprint.

Proof of Ownership asset in Neftyblock Super Blends. This means if you own it, you can craft it. 


The introduction of Immersys Gathering and Crafting allows players to branch off into professions. The ability craft your own path as a lumberjack or blacksmith in the Metaverse. Players will slowly see that the time and dedication needed to obtain certain high tier equipment blueprints. You may be the only person in the Metaverse who can craft something, but you won’t be able to do it alone. 

Play to Earn (Supply/Demand)

Immersys is built to have an economy similar to popular MMORGPs. This means that there will be an in-game market that is created by the player-base. Players woodcutting will need to purchase NFTs obtained by players mining and vice versa. We will also be releasing the option burn resources to acquire our FATE Token later on. 

What do You Need to Get Started?

You can start gathering with nothing more than your hands. Picking hemp out in the fields. If you want to start mining, woodchopping, and fishing you’ll need some Rusty Tools. You can obtain the Rusty Tools from inside the marketplace in the Immersys Shop for a more immersive shopping experience. You could also purchase on below:

Buy Rusty Tools