Game Update - v0.6.105
Forest Expanion and Inhabitants

Upcoming Events

Changelog v0.6.105

Immersys Virtual Marketplace Demo
We have opened up the Immersys Marketplace district to Beta Access Pass holders! Go check out the shops! Start planning out what your shop might look like in the future!

Forest Expansion
We have made the forest even more massive. This is the 3rd major update of the layout. New paths to explore and views to check out.

We have released roaming Deer, Bear, and Wolves. Be careful out there! Is that superman, is that a plane? No, its birds! Take a look up in the sky. We’ve added flocks of birds.

New Gathering Spots
We have added copper and tin ore in preparation for the Release of Gathering .

Darkness is so Dark
You should notice that the Dark is no longer way too dark! We’ve also added torches! These torches turn on and off during day and night.