Game Update - v0.6.102
VFX, Benches, and Messenger

*NEW* Collections Added to the Metaverse

We’re so excited to welcoming in the next round of Immersys Creators. Their NFTs will now be available in the NFT-Explorer vApp on your Immersys Virtual Tablet. Be sure to visit their collections and grab some NFTs to show your support and then join Immersys to spawn them out!


Hidden Gems NFT

Pixel Characters

Changelog v0.6.102

Added benches
Benches added along the walking path in the Central Plaza. Players can sit in them.
Added notifications for messages
Message Alerts will not show up in the bottom left when someone in a room has sent a test message.
Doubled speed for follow-nfts
NFTs that have a follow trait will now keep up with you better
Enemy HPBar is adjusted to fit their height
We have move the HP a bit
Players start the game facing arena, instead of skyscraper
Spawn start changed
Improvements to Message-vApp UX
A small ping sound effect has been added to indicate a new message
Improvements to Inspect-vApp UX
Made some minor changes to layout
Improved general UX (Mic icon)
We added hotkey and move mic to bottom left
Improved SFX for movement
Walking sound effect changed
Updated tools-models
Rusty Tools models have been changed to a higher quality asset
Updated vfx for gathering points
Hitting a Tree/Rock will now have a new Visual Effect
Updated vfx for attacks
Fire and Poison Visual Effects
Renamed Apps-app to vApp Store
Name change