Game Update - v0.6.98
Champions Ring

*NEW* Collections Added to the Metaverse

We’re so excited to welcoming in the next round of Immersys Creators. Their NFTs will now be available in the NFT-Explorer vApp on your Immersys Virtual Tablet. Be sure to visit their collections and grab some NFTs to show your support and then join Immersys to spawn them out!


Corporate World - Hell on Earth

The Damn Tasty Cornchips

The Damn Tasty Cornchips

Changelog v0.6.98

NEW Area – Champions Ring

This is a brand new boxing ring where players can fight each other in. This area has a keypad locked control room w/ a sound board, commentator desk, and cage fight controls.

UX Upgrades

Button Prompts for all actions, interactions, and inspections.

Auto select text-field in messenger app “Enter” now navigate to web address in web browser.

All links open up in the in-game browser, and from there can be opened into a “normal” browser

Camera vApp: button for opening images-folder NFTExplorer, button for buying on Atomic (Anchor Wallets can sign transactions in-game)

Added SFX Upgrades

Jumping sound effects added Footstep sound effects added SFX added to NPCs

Combat Improvements

NPC stop talking while in combat.

Fixed Ragdolls for NPC’s HP-bars over NPC’s and other players improved