Game Update - v0.6.94
Game Improvements!

*NEW* Collections Added to the Metaverse

We’re so excited to welcoming in the next round of Immersys Creators. Their NFTs will now be available in the NFT-Explorer vApp on your Immersys Virtual Tablet. Be sure to visit their collections and grab some NFTs to show your support and then join Immersys to spawn them out!

corporate_world-499083b24b634e5aa61760fd612b9817 (1)

Corporate World - Hell on Earth

The Damn Tasty Cornchips

Changelog v0.6.95

Bug Fixes
Loot Spawn vApp no longer spawn double loot.
Enemy Spawns in the forest now work properly
Game Window will no longer resize when opening the Settings vApp while not in Fullscreen.
S.O.U.L. will no longer have a smokey haze in the room.
SFX jumping & walking
Easy Access to “Photos” added to Camera vApp
Quality Settings
Players can now reduce or increase the games graphics in the menu and in settings.
Dynamic In-game Billboard