Game Update - v0.6.87
Immersys Upgrades & Improvements

Round #4 of Beta Card Airdrops

A benefit of owning an Immersys Beta Access Card is airdrops! If you are a current holder, will receive another round of Immersys Player Beta Access Cards Airdropped to you!

Date: July 10, 2021
Time of Snapshot: 22:00 UTC
Time of Airdrop: 23:00 UTC

*NEW* Collections Added to the Metaverse

We’re so excited to welcoming in the next round of Immersys Creators. Their NFTs will now be available in the NFT-Explorer vApp on your Immersys Virtual Tablet. Be sure to visit their collections and grab some NFTs to show your support and then join Immersys to spawn them out!

Tales of the Crypto

Spinning Crypto Icons

Changelog v0.6.87

  • Added new hotkeys
  • Added new control settings
  • Added Push-to-talk for voicechat
  • Added NPC’s
  • Added ability to purchase NFTs without leaving Immersys
  • Added new things several Areas
  • Optimized file sizes
  • Fixed Graphical bugs
  • Fixed QoL and UX issues