Immersys Launcher, Beta Card Airdrops, & New Collections!

Immersys Launcher Test

We’re so excited to test out the Immersys Launcher. The launcher enables us to make sure all users are on the same version on Immersys going forward. It enables us to push updates, patches, and collections out to players faster as well. Say goodbye to the days of having to come to our site to redownload the game each update (hopefully). On the game download page check out our Launcher Guide. All new and exist players should update to the Immersys Launcher.

Immersys v0.6.60 – Changelog

  • Immersys Launcher Test
  • Login screen access patch and improvements
  • New Collections Added: Extraterrestial Explorers & Freaky Foodz
  • Browser application spelling and default webpage changes
  • Application will now force a single instance meaning players will come online right away.
  • NFT action indications added
  • Key commands added making easier for users to find controls
  • Tablet no longer spawns in front of your on start up
  • Controller Support
  • Improved the color of the Gold Support Pins

Beta Card Airdrop

Current holders of the Immersys Beta Access Player, Creator, and VIP cards will be receiving an airdrop of 1 additional beta card at 23:15 UTC. This will allow for current holders to sell, trade, or giveaway additional access to the community. We should see an new influx of players joining into Immersys!

New Collections

We’re happy to welcome two new collections to Immersys this week!

Extraterrestrial Explorers

Freaky Foodzz

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