Immersys Update & Supporter Pins

Immersys Update v0.6.57

  • Wax Wallet Login for Immersys now directs to secured website:
  • Hide Anchor login when player has logged
  • Added new NFT Collections: Cyberpuppies & TheCrazyEggs
  • New NFTs add for the Magnta & Superpuft Collections
  • Adjustments made to NFTs
  • EleBlob Arena: Added instructions on the challenge player screen
  • Immersys version number updates Automatically
  • Made it clear users do not need to add in a room name when going online
  • Added explanations to NFT Explorer app to help spawn and scan NFTs
  • ‘Esc’ no longer exits the game
  • Logout has been moved to settings
  • Creators Club and VIP Lounge can now be accessed online, with the right access cards
  • Update EleBlob Arena battles to show players names above the EleBlobs
  • Removed stone blocks from stairs of Aurora Tower

    Support Pins Drops

Supporter Pins will be the first equippable NFT item for your Avatar in Immersys. This a great way to show support for the project thus far. Players who purchase this pin will have a relic from the early days of Immersys. Purchases go towards the continued development of Immersys the WAX NFT Metaverse. The drop will take place on AtomicHub and the collection is ‘sty.immersy’. 

Why is the collection ‘sty.immersys’ not whitelisted currently?

Our main collection ‘immersys’ is whitelisted and we’re working on getting the ‘sty.immersys’ collection whitelisted as well, but this requires action from AtomicHub. Immersys aims to be a massive project and checking for NFTs requires some loading time for players in-game. We expect Immersys to eventually have thousands of NFTs and loading them all into one collection to fit into the norm of AtomicHub’s marketplace is not an option. Commonly you’ll see a Collection + Multiple Schemas. This will not work for us. We expect to have Multiple Collections & Multiple Schemas within those collections inorder to offer our players the best experience in-game.
‘sty.immersys‘ is our Immersy Style collection which will encompass all wearable items for your in-game Avatar; Accessories, tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes, and head.
Bronze Support Pin
Supply: 500
Price: 25 $WAXP
Type: Wearable Cosmetic NFT Item
Silver Support Pin
Supply: 100
Price: 100 $WAXP
Type: Wearable Cosmetic NFT Item
Gold Support Pin
Supply: 10
Price: 1000 $WAXP
Type: Wearable Cosmetic NFT Item


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