Immersys Introduces a New Way to Use NFTs

The first round of the highly anticipated NFT access keys to Immersys sold out in less than 2 seconds, creating what is about to become the new future for NFTs, NFT creators, and the WAX community

Have you ever been stuck trying to explain what NFTs are to a friend or family member? You go round and round trying to explain why they’re valuable and they still don’t get it?

That’s all about to change.

From the creators of Eleblob comes one of the most highly-anticipated developments in the NFT space. Immersys is about to redefine what it means to collect and experience NFTs.

What is Immersys: What it Means for a Player and NFT Creator

Immersys is the virtual metaverse where players can bring their NFTs to life, interact with them, use them in games, and showcase them to other players within a virtual world.

As an NFT artist and creator, Immersys enables any and all NFT collections to be added into the world. So far, we’ve added to the beta version 10 unique collections varying from 2D to 3D art, music, photography, and more. We’ve expanded the ability for creators to have players interact with their creations — we removed the borders and brought to life your NFTs. NFTs can now “walk” and follow you around the Immersys metaverse, opening up the possibility for all types of interactive games.

Within Immersys, you get to show off your NFTs as both a creator and collector. Mint number one NFTs have a glow to them. We can have NFTs spray painted around the world like graffiti. We’ve made possible all these things that you couldn’t do before with NFTs. And what’s best is your NFT collection can be instantly accessible within Immersys. No need to code or configure it yourself. It is an instant plug-and-play. You can get more people collecting and playing with your NFTs right away.

Because of the wide variety of different types of art available as NFTs, the creators get to drive what we do and suggest new ideas. We’re incorporating so many cool interactions and ways to use NFTs in ways that creators want.

As a player of Immersys, you will be one of the first settlers of the WAXNFT metaverse. Entry to the closed beta requires a beta access card, which will allow you access to Aurora City’s Central Plaza. This is the main meeting area and social hub. Players will be able to use the Immersys virtual tablet, which acts like a smartphone within the virtual world. It is filled with applications, which allow the players to do almost anything within the Immersys world.

We have more things being developed on a constant basis and the Immersys metaverse will evolve over time. There is so much planned for the development of new applications and bringing in already existing popular dApps. Immersys is available to use on both virtual reality headsets and on desktop.

Hungry for More — Access to Immersys Instantly Sold Out

The online NFT community is rearing and ready to be immersed in this new world of NFT culture.

Immersys created 100 access keys to the beta version, available for sale only to whitelisted users. These access keys grant the holder exclusive access to the beta version of Immersys for when it is released on May 22, 2021. With a waiting list of over 800 people, the 100 beta access keys sold out in 1.3 seconds. These access keys are now selling on the AtomicHub secondary marketplace for well over $300 a piece

The value of these beta keys go beyond just being granted access to Immersys on day one. They qualify you for additional beta key air drops which can be given to friends or sold on the secondary market. They also allow you access to the distribution of 20,000 $HOLX, the Immersys currency, which will be released in phase 2.

Redefining Digital Ownership

The real value of Immersys comes in how it will change the perception of NFTs and increase their value. Before Immersys, NFTs would simply sit in digital wallets and collect dust. Now, in the Immersys metaverse, your NFTs can really feel like they’re yours. You can interact with your NFT collections and showcase them to others, breathing new life into what digital ownership means.

Now if you buy an NFT, you get to see it in action. You get to use it within a game, if the NFT creator has designed a game for it. But even if there is no game associated, you can still increase the value of your NFTs by showing them off to others in the metaverse, because all NFTs are capable of coming to live in Immersys.

Most people are familiar with video games and can comprehend ownership inside of them. Think about your favorite online games, like MMOs for example, where players spend hours grinding to achieve a set of armor or skins or a particular drop. What Immersys does is makes the ownership of any NFT feel real — like a real in-game item. And the fact that you will be able to showcase, interact, and verify that that asset is yours to others provides both a familiar and refreshing take on the video games that people grew up loving.

Accessible to Everyone

Immersys falls in step with the overall philosophy of WAX. WAX was designed to allow everyone to create tokens. That’s why it’s referred to as the “King of NFTs.” WAX was built knowing that one token does not rule them all. Everyone can be a creator and everyone can be a collector and that’s the great part about it.

In Immersys, we live by that philosophy. We want to extend that same mindset and have everyone’s tokens and NFTs be accessible and usable in the metaverse. Anyone can have their NFTs come to life in the Immersys metaverse.

Immersys is a complete world in itself that promises to create an entirely new way for people to use their NFTs and increase the usability and value of them.

Immersys is set to go-live on Saturday, May 22, 2021. Be sure to follow along for more updates and release information about Immersys on our Discord and Twitter.

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